I’m always happy when I get the chance to test and review scuba gear. At the beginning of the year I got in touch with Mia Toose , CEO of Truli Wetsuits. As I was pregnant, I was not able to test her suits and instead passed on the job to my friend Sarah O’Gorman who had more chances to dive with it in Egypt than me in Austria. Still, it took almost one year until Sarah and I finally managed to get together and get the job done. I was diving in the suit, Sarah took some amazing photos.

Truli Wetsuits

Truli Wetsuits – the story

I just love success stories about small businesses who make it. I’m always happy, when a woman is living her dream and makes it with a product, that is designed by women for women. This is just what Mia Toose did. She made her dream come true and is designing wetsuits for women.

Truli Wetsuits


For many years the blond Canadian could only dream of the warmth of the ocean. Still, already as a kid, she explored the cold lakes and rivers of Ontario with a snorkel and a mask. Back then, she was already dreaming of getting her diving certification, but never had enough cash to make that dream come true. After graduation from university she packed up her bags and left for job assignments in Japan, Oman and Dubai. After getting becoming a PADI Divemaster she decided to leave her traditional career path and become a PADI Dive Instructor. She was not just diving, but took on every possible activity connected to water, such as kitesurfing and swimming. She lived in The Dominican Republic, The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos and worked in different jobs, as a dive instructor, a kitesurfing shop manager and as a deck hand on scuba liveaboards.

Truli Wetsuits

Wetsuits by women for women

Due to her jobs and hobbies such as kitesurfing and scuba diving, neoprene became Mia’s every day work uniform. She indulged in the warm waters of the Caribbean sea and loved to dive just in a shorty, feeling the warmth of the water on her skin. At the same time she went high up in the air with her kite and found out, that this sport also requires certain features in a wetsuit. A perfect suit should be flexible, comfortable, easy to put on, fashionable, sexy and warm. It should be suitable for all types of water sports at the same time. Also, she was looking for an outfit that would boost women’s confidence, make them stronger and free. And as it often is with business founders, she did not find all of these features combined in any of the household names in water sports. So in 2015 she decided to design and produce her very own suits. Truli Wetsuits was born.

The design 

One of the most important features for Mia is maximum mobility. The sleeveless design guarantees free movement of the shoulder area, no matter if you dive, swim or fly high with your kite.  The material is extremely flexible, sleek and designed to keep her owner warm and cozy. The plush material supports the body and puts the wonderful curves of a woman in the spotlight with colored highlights.

Truli Wetsuits

Truli Wetsuits

My personal impression 

The very first impression is that the material is very high value, modern and has a really unique and specific design. It is very easy to put on and also to get out, as the front zip makes it easy to open the suit. I have not been diving in a shorty for a very long time, as I was just way too cold in the past. Currently, I have gained quite a bit of weight after my pregnancy, so I cannot really say if I was warm because I’m not so skinny anymore or if it was just the suit. Fact is, I was fine in October in a shorty in the Red Sea.

I also like the colors of the prominent color blocks. They enhance the sexy curves of a female  body. The suit fits me and my body proportions match the suit. Each company has their own way of tailoring a wetsuit and some wetsuits just fit me better than others.  Every woman has to find out for herself, if Truli Wetsuits fits their body type, I cannot give a general recommendation.


Truli Wetsuits

Besides rational arguments, choosing a wetsuit is also an emotional decision. There is no right or wrong. Each one of us has personal preferences, likes and dislikes. I think it’s really cool that Mia had the guts to pursue her dream and to do her own thing. She tries to make it in direct competition with the large wetsuit companies and is living her dream. She wants to make the diving world more colorful, more beautiful and more female. This is her mission. If you are curious and want to know more about Truli Wetsuits you  can order them online. She also delivers to Europe. Here you can find all the details about the suits and the Online Shop.

About the Author: Bettina Winert

Mutter von 3 Kindern, im Exil in Wien lebend. Autorin, Taucherin und begeisterte Gärtnerin.


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