Island. Glasklar.

Island steht ganz oben auf meiner to-dive Liste. Irgendwann muss ich da mal hin.

Hier ein Video, das Wasser ist komplett transparent, glasklar.

Von National Geographic:

“The water in Iceland’s groundwater fissures “is basically the same water we’re drinking from the tap,” says Jónína Ólafsdóttir, a freshwater biologist who’s been scuba diving in the cracks in the Earth’s crust for years. “I can take my regulator out at any time during the dive and take a sip if I’m thirsty.” The water isn’t just clean—it’s also remarkably clear. If it weren’t for the bubbles, Ólafsdóttir might appear to be suspended in thin air while diving. “I’ve never seen this kind of visibility anywhere else I’ve been diving in the world,” she says.”





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