My paradise Marsa Shagra

Marsa Shagra and the whole region on the southern Red Sea are my personal paradise. I think this is where the underwater world is at its most beautiful and the people at their nicest. The water is so deep blue, like nowhere else in the world. It shimmers in every conceivable shade, from turquoise to azure blue.





Marsa Alam is a bit quieter than the tourist The obvious beauty of the house reef, such as an incredible number of colorful corals, the biodiversity on the reef and the good visibility have always drawn me to this place.

During a dive in the house reef you can see eagle rays, turtles, clown fish, octopuses and moraines. Dolphins, schools of glass fish or, with a lot of luck, a whale shark, pass us divers unimpressed. If you look closely, you will also find smaller creatures such as shrimp, crabs or nudibranchs. Just a good mix.

It is worth taking a closer look

Sarah O’Gorman has lived and worked in Marsa Shagra for many years and has still not lost her passion for diving. During the pandemic, she also had a little more time to dive down and rediscover the underwater world in the house reef. She had more time to take a closer look and this year she discovered that the reef is a macro paradise in spring.

During the day or during her night dives, she spotted a large number of nudibranchs, tiny bobtail squids and even tiny frogfish.  She knows the reef like the back of her hand and actually thought that she had already unlocked most of the secrets of her diving area. So she was completely surprised to discover so much new macro. She hadn’t noticed this variety of tiny, colorful creatures before.


She was also amazed at the number of slugs she did not know. In the past she used to discover new snails from time to time in the spring, but not in this quantity. It may be because she has a little more time to go diving and a little more peace to look around the reef. Perhaps it is also because there are not so many divers in Marsa Shagra and so you can concentrate better during the dive to find the tiny sea creatures.

Macro heaven for divers

Macro and Photography in Shagra Divers who like to look for and find odds and ends on the reef are absolutely right here in Marsa Shagra. If you let your eye wander over the corals long enough, you will discover the small, colorful snails.

They are scattered over the reef like precious stones and adorn it with their colorful clothes. They shine in all colors and shapes, finding them is an incredible experience every time and makes the endorphins dance. For photographers, the little treasures are a pleasure and a challenge at the same time, because some are not even as long as a thumbnail. This is where the lens and the photographer reach their limits depending on what they can. Still, it’s fun to collect as many snails as possible for the photo album.

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